multiaventura restaurante elche

In Multiaventure Elche we have something to celebrate!

 The restaurant located inside the park has changed management team and we want to give a warm welcome to the new tenants 😍

This Saturday, June 22 at 12.00 we will celebrate the launch and you are all invited  

Come and have a drink! 🍻

We would like to invite you for a drink, while the children enjoy the free bouncy castle we have laid on, and the freedom of being outdoors in the open air,
within an enclosed area of ​​more than 40,000 square metres.  
 The new management team of the Multiaventura Restaurant is run by a born and bred Elche couple with a long career in the hospitality industry;
where they have another restaurant located in the Altabix neighbourhood of the city.
Its cuisine stands out for being a high quality Mediterranean and speciality Spanish food.

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