Junior Circuit

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MIN. AGEFrom 6 years old
MIN. HEIGHTFrom 1.15 m.
MAX. WEIGHT/HEIGHT100 kg | 1,95 m.

For little adventurers

Before starting the Junior circuit, this is for the Cadet and Seniors too, participants must go through a training circuit where it is explained to them the handling of the PPE (Individual Protection Team) and its application during the development and progress of the activity. It is a simulation of active safety circuits. This is compulsory and without it there is no circuit.

In this circuit it is necessary to use the EPIS (Individual Protection Equipment), in this case, helmet, harness and anchor lines, throughout the circuit. The circuit is formed by 16 totems in a circular shape and also has different bridges, such as: V-shaped bridge, animal bridges, bridges with lianas, Nepalese bridge, longitudinal bridge, zigzag trapezoidal bridge, hanging trunks, trusses of strings, obstacle course, zigzag with lianas, step of strings, bridge longitudinal trapezoids, zip lines and more.

Active security is available throughout the circuit, that is, the participant uses individual protection elements (EPI) to carry out the circuits.

The purpose is that the child goes on all the bridges in the same way that adults do, but at a much smaller height, more or less than 1.50 cm. from the floor. Unlike the passive children’s circuit, this junior circuit, or also called yellow circuit, does not have safety nets which is why the individual protections elements are trained and demonstrated before hand.