Multiadventure Elche: Fun in an incomparable natural environment
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40,000 m² of fun

Multiadventure Elche is a leisure centre of 40,000 m2 that was founded with the aim of offering fun in an incomparable natural environment outdoors: a palm grove declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

A Multiadventures Park where activities and circuits for all ages coexist, from the most infantile activities, so that the smallest ones enjoy it to the max, and then you have towers of infinite metres for the bravest adults. Because we guarantee you you’ll love it when you’re up there.

Adventure activities, walking, gastronomy … you choose!

We give great consideration to nature, therefore, entrance to the park is free. You only pay for the activities and circuits you want to do.

If you like a fright, hair on edge and a download of adrenaline … Stay! Because you are in the right place.

But if you prefer to relax, then you can also walk peacefully inside nature and listen to the birds, take a boat ride on our lake, or sit on the terrace of the restaurant to have whatever you want…

Located in one of the Palm groves of the city, a few minutes from the urban city centre, specifically in the Huerto de Travalón Bajo, the development of this park is based on the preservation of the environment and especially the protection of the palm grove.