Do you want to spend a fun and adventurous day and surprise your students?
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We have the solution!

Because we all know that the best way to learn is by playing and experimenting in the first hand … At Multiadventura Elche we have everything you need to make your school trip unforgettable.

Spending a day surrounded by these wonderful adventures and activities is a different type of excursion that will provide students with social-educational and physical development and learn values ​​such as team work, self-improvement, discipline and self-control.

Multiadventura Elche has up to 7 circuits with more than 120 game challenges and 13 zip lines with different degrees of difficulty, depending on the age of the students.

The tours are pure adventure, a recreational-sports activity that allows participants to walk around at different heights, move from one place to another by zip lines through palm trees, hidden networks, tunnels, rope bridges and many other elements and obstacles.

To be able to execute of all the circuits safely it is fundamental to comply by the highest standards possible using individual protection equipment (IPE) and a life line connecting everyone that follows all the route. In addition, we have our specialized monitors, who will be responsible at all times for the direction and supervision of school children while they are enjoying the activities. Safety is paramount.


Circuits that your school can do:

They combine different types of obstacles and are located at different heights. For the youngest ones, we have the Infantile and Junior circuit, and for the older ones, Cadet with 2 levels of difficulty and Senior, with up to three levels of difficulty.

*TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Minimum age for circuits: 4 years. It is recommended to use gloves for circuits with height. The use of closed footwear and comfortable clothing is obligatory.


We offer 2 excursion possibilities:

  • Spend 4h. with us! From € 16 per child
  • Spend 6h. with us! From € 19 per child

However, you are more than welcome to contact us to customize your event as much as is possible. We are here to help.

Children’s circuit what we offer:

  • Security systems with the maximum guarantees
  • Accompaniment and supervision by specialized monitors
  • Fun and adventures guaranteed
  • Our very own kitchen, indoor and outdoor catering area
  • Variety of activities and multi-adventure circuits
  • Outdoor experience in a single space

Regarding the social-educational benefits in the psychosocial development of children which we believe goes hand in hand with all the fun they will have, Multiadventura Elche allows each child to:

  • Discover new situations and find many new found sensations.
  • Enhance different qualities of locomotion: balance, coordination, improvement of psychomotor skills, etc.
  • Facilitate sports teaching in a different environment with the game.
  • Develop different progression systems: walking, walking, jumping, swinging, climbing, changing height …

Activities you can do:

  • TRIACTION TOWER. Our famous tower, hosts different activities: free fall, climbing, climbing wall and one of the largest zip lines in Europe with 22 meters high and 250 m of flight over the palm grove of Elche.
  • ZIPLINES. We have 13 zip lines throughout the park connected to the different circuits.
  • PIERCARD. 2000 m2 of lake to navigate with rowing boats. How do you get strength in those arms? row and row!
  • ARCHERY. Professional archery area adapted to the age of the participants, made up of a gallery composed of 6 aisles with a target in each. The perfect activity to test your accuracy and aim!
  • MULTISPORT TRACK. Grassed area with mini goals dedicated to group dynamics, team sports, animation, etc …

Children’s activities (from 3 to 5 years old):

  • Boat rides
  • Games on the multisport track
  • Inflatables
  • Infantil Circuit



Get to know the city of Elche. . .
LIGHT AND LEARN with our different cultural didactic workshops!

The aim of these workshops is to introduce the city of Elche, its history, customs and culture.

Familiarize the children with the palm trees, so precious in Elche; as well as teach them their care, pruning, braiding the palm and the traditional irrigation method.

The unique enclave of our Multiaventura Park, makes us count on more than 700 palm trees in our enclosure, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

talleres culturales didácticos la palmera multiaventura elche
talleres culturales la palma blanca multiaventura elche

Through an explanatory video that will serve as a guide to contextualize the whole cultural workshop, we will follow the following points.

1. History of Elche
We will highlight the main landmarks of the city such as: La Dama de Elche, La Alcudia, El Misteri D’Elx or the Altamira Palace.

2. The Palm
We will enter the world of the palm tree through a video of our palmer friends pruning and caring for the palms, and with them we will see the types of palm, its fruit, pruning, caring and caring.

3. Traditional Irrigation
We will show the children how we water in Multiaventura Elche and what are its characteristics and what makes it special.

4. White palm workshop
We will carry out with the children a workshop of the white palm and we will learn about this traditional craftsmanship through making different figures.