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Fun and adventure for families, youth, schools, camps, companies or groups that seek to experience emotions without limit
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Zip lines, climbing walls and even an artificial lake are some of the activities offered by Multiadventura Elche to families, the young, schools, camps, companies or groups that are committed to sports-related activities with which you can experience amazing emotions and adrenaline to the max.

Multiadventura Elche is a city project aimed at improving and expanding tourism and leisure on offer to our very welcome visitors. Because of this the entry to the park is free, and only direct involvement in the different attractions has a cost that ranges between 5 and 20 euros.

The main services we provide are for the following to the public are:

  • Excursions for schools
  • Night Camp
  • Business activities (incentive, team building and training plans)
  • Stag or Hen nights
  • Finca D’Boo Restaurant with great experience in the city
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Groups. We personalize parties and celebrations of adults with special packs
  • Objective Youth. Put your adrenaline to the limit
  • Weekend activities for the whole family