Group (+10 people)

Individual (-10 people)

Pack 1

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MIN. AGEFrom 10 years old
MIN. HEIGHTFrom 1.35 m. if you are accompanied by an adult; 1.55 m if you go alone
MAX. WEIGHT/HEIGHT100 kg | 1,95 m.

CIRCUIT (cadet or senior) + GIANT ZIP LINE

This pack includes a multi-adventure circuit, again choosing between cadet or senior, depending on the level of difficulty you are willing to undertake…

Once you have finished the circuit, you finish your tour in the great Triaction Tower and its giant zip line, with which you will cross all the park from above, with more than 250 metres of flying and at a height where you do not want to look down … Do you dare?

** El PACK 1 lo tenemos disponible en 2 modalidades, tanto en “Actividades individuales” (si sois menos de 10 personas) como en “Actividades Grupales” (si sois más de 10 personas, con horario especial ampliado)