Pack 5

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MIN. AGEFrom 6 years
MIN. HEIGHTFrom 1.15 m.
MAX. WEIGHT/HEIGHT100 kg | 1,95 m.
DURATION1 h. - 1,5 h.


This pack consists of the multi-adventure circuit called Junior, which corresponds to the Yellow colour in our line of circuit difficulties.

The junior circuit consists of 16 totems in a circular shape and different bridges, such as: V-shaped network bridge, animal bridges, bridge with lianas, Nepalese bridge, longitudinal bridge, zigzag trapezoidal bridge, hanging trunks, zip lines and plus.

Once the circuit is finished, you have the option to choose the activity you want to do between: Boat ride, Archery or electric buggies. Depending on if you meet the technical specifications of height, you can do one activity or another. The whole group, does the same activity. With the passage in boat, you will test your strength in the arms, as you will have to row and row. With the archery, you will see how is your aim and precision with the arrows. Or, if you prefer, you can choose the electric buggies, in which you can skid with the buggy, following the circuit without stumbling over any obstacle.