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Individual (-10 people)

Laser Tag

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MIN. AGEFrom 8 years old
MIN. HEIGHTFrom 1,35 m.
MAX. WEIGHT/HEIGHT100 kg | 1,95 m.
CAPACITYMinimum 4 people for battle

An epic battle and awith a single goal: to survive

Enjoy a battle with laser weapons in 2,500 square metres where we have created an oasis with dunes, trenches and obstacles with a single goal: to survive. Guns are used with optical markers, where the opponent carries sensors in the helmet to detect the shot.

It is played by passing goals in search of the highest score of which you are able to get, which will help you crush your rivals making it clear who came out on top and most prepared for this adventure …

The most important thing is the attitude and skills of each player or team as a strategy.

The minimum time to formulate the battle game is half an hour.

* Requirements:

  • Totally closed footwear

** LASER TAG activity is available in 2 modalities, both in individual activities (normal time, for a maximum of 10 people), and in group activities (extended special hours, for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 14)